Why Vantage Communities?

The Vantage Brand

The United States is currently facing a critical shortage of workforce housing affordable to those at or below the median income level. In recent years, most new development of multifamily rental housing has focused on the Class-A or luxury categories, despite the fact that there is significant unmet demand at lower price points. Many renters seeking affordable housing are forced to live in old and/or substandard units due to the lack of available new units.

We believe that the national shortage of affordable rental housing stock represents an excellent opportunity to employ our extensive

multifamily development experience to create quality, affordable workforce housing for an underserved segment of the population.

We have observed an urgent need for affordable housing close to emerging areas of employment and within high quality school districts. We target infill opportunities as well as bedroom communities in suburban areas that are attractive to working families with a need for quality schools. Typically, these are newer developed suburbs with above average housing costs.

These communities have an expanding retail base to support the large number of new homes in the area.

The combination of above average housing costs and expanding retail job base creates a demand for affordable workforce housing. Targeted areas are also close to major highways and allow for easy access to the employment.