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    David Starr

    President & Principal

    David Starr has been a leader and innovator in multifamily development for over 20 years with projects in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

    David is an expert in multifamily development and financing with over one billion dollars in funded transactions. On the development side, David has been President of Vantage Communities since 1999. Since 2004, David and the Vantage Community brand have developed over 5,400 rental units.

    David has been an advisor to Model Cities and Headstart programs in New York and is a member of the Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies; the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies; and the Association of Affordable Housing Lenders. David is also an Advisory Board Member of the Rural Rental Housing Association; the National Multifamily Housing Board (and its affiliates); the Howard University Advisory Committee; and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center Board.

  • About Vantage Communities - David Starr

    Matthew Starr

    Asset Manager

    Matthew Starr holds a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University and a Master’s degree in urban policy/planning from the New School University located in New York City. As Asset Manager for Vantage Communities, Matthew is responsible for the overall property management operations, accounting and finance operations, upgrades and maintenance, procurement of service contracts, and oversight of management firms for all the Vantage Community units – over 12,000 housing units in nine states.

  • About Vantage Communities - David Starr

    John Condit

    Development Manager

    John Condit holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance from Texas Tech University. He leads Vantage Communities Development Group, which includes our regional land brokers, entitlement team members for all product types, land planners, market research team members, engineers, architects, and interior design consultants, as well as general contractors.

    John brings a unique perspective to the development of Vantage Communities based on his extensive experience in property and asset management. He has previously managed over 250 employees and over 10,000 apartment units in seven different states. As a liaison with HUD, he has advised HUD regarding revisions of HUD Management Handbook 4350.3. He has also assisted with the establishment and requirements of a Community Housing Development Organization, testified for joint committees of the Texas Legislature, and written position papers concerning housing issues and programs.

    John has been a Board Member of the National Affordable Housing Association; a Board Member of the Texas Apartment Association; a past Chairman of the Affordable Housing Task Force for the Texas Apartment Association; and was appointed by Texas Governor George W. Bush to the Governor’s Affordable Housing Task Force.

  • About Vantage Communities - David Starr

    Chris Weigand

    Project Manager

    Chris Weigand holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas. As Project Manager for the Vantage Community Group, he has been the project civil engineer for all recent Vantage Community projects throughout Texas over the past seven years. Thus, Chris is intimately familiar with the rental product, owner and investor demands, and the construction team that works on the projects. He is currently overseeing the entitlement and design of all Vantage projects across the country and ensuring that construction budgets and entitlement schedules are met without losing value from lessons learned over the previous 21 projects completed under the Vantage Community Brand.

  • Mike Goodwin

    Housing Consultant

    Mike Goodwin holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Master of Science in Finance from the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He has been a Housing Consultant and Board Member with American Opportunity for Housing, Inc. and American Agape Foundation, Inc. since August 2006.

    In addition to having served in the U. S. Navy for twenty years, Mike has been in the field of multifamily property management and development for over twenty years, working with over 200 properties of all types of multifamily housing in more than ten states. He has been a Regional Property Manager, Director of Operations, Vice-President, President, and Owner of various multifamily property management companies. He has extensive experience in the affordable housing arena, serving as President of the Southwestern Affordable Housing Management Association. He was also a Director of the National Affordable Housing.

    Management Association for more than eight years and the Association Vice-President for two years. He chaired the Regulatory Affairs and Fair Housing Committees and was a key member of groups that worked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development on revisions to various handbooks and publication, including the HUD Occupancy Handbook (4350.3), the Management Agent Handbook (4381.5), and the Real Estate Assessment Center Inspection Guide and Manuals. Mike was also a member of a team of industry specialists who developed two Fair Housing Guidebooks for apartment owners and managers.


About Vantage Communities - David Starr
About Vantage Communities - David Starr
About Vantage Communities - David Starr



About Vantage Communities - David Starr

About Vantage Communities - David Starr

About Vantage Communities - David Starr